Waiter and Waitress Jobs In Canada | Definition of Waiters and waitress

Some of us living around might be wondering if there are available waiter and waitress jobs near me. Research shows that 65% of companies around makes use of waiters and waitress. So with this there are high possibilities of you have a waiter/waitress job sitting next to you if you stay close to a company. 

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Definition of Waiters and waitress jobs

A waiter is a male staff in a company or an organization mostly companies involved in serving out food or drinks to people. His job involves supplying customers with their desired food and drinks as requested. Example of such company includes small companies like restaurants and big companies like hotels. He is always attentive to the wants and needs of the customers.

A waitress is a female staff in a company such as restaurants, bars and hotels. Her main role is to ensure the supply of food and drinks to the requesting customers. She is always ready to serve the customers with what they requested for and also interested in attending to the customers wants and needs.

Duties and responsibilities of waiter/waitress

This job occurs in more or like an open environment and demands critical initiative and imagination from all members involved. Staffs are expected to be customer focus, be active in events, good customer service and also operate properly in the company’s distribution positions. Staffs should be willing to do whatever it takes to keep and satisfy the customers which is not limited to providing the customer with the best experience which is also a key success to the company.


These guys are responsible for the provision of drinks and fun filled services to the customers. Bartenders are equipped with the necessary training which gives them the ability to provide good customer services, best drink mixtures, drink familiarization and history and also drink cost.


They go around taking orders from the customers and providing them with their desired product. A good waiter/waitress is one who is able to understand the needs of the customer and also provide good suggestions when the customer’s needs are not available.

Bussers/ Bar Backs

This is for those with the passion of serving people, service and others etc

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