11 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Dubai in 2020

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: most Arab countries have strict rules guiding the use of alcohols and Dubai isn’t left out. In Dubai, alcohols are not allowed in public. Public show of drunkenness, drinking and driving comes with tough penalties. Alcohols are not sold to individuals without permit and you are expected to make alcohol purchase from establishment that has the license to sell alcohols.

DISPLAY OF AFFECTION: public display of affection is not allowed in dubai. This isn’t limited to hugging or kissing alone. To be on the safe side, avoid holding hands or displaying any affectionate feeling to anyone in public.

TIPPING: Showing love true tipping is very common in some countries such as in Africa. But what about top states like Dubai ? Hmmm. Well! In Dubai tipping is a common practice, though its not expected at every situation but places like restaurants do add tips to the bills, taxi drivers do not expect tips, luggage carriers and supper market baggers do expect tips for their immediate service.

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