11 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Dubai in 2020

DISPLAY OF RESPECT: Dubai is located in a Muslim country, and visiting a Muslim country during the month of Ramadan, demands you always show respect to the Muslims and their fasting. It isn’t compulsory you fast with them if you are not a Muslim. But it’s expected of you not to eat or drink in public during this period. The Ramadan period is always on the ninth month of every year. So you should always have this in mind when traveling during this month.

MODE OF DRESSING: The mode of dressing is also another important factor. Muslims are well known for dressing modestly and this strictly applies to every Muslim country. During your vacation to Dubai, you should avoid indecent dressing and always dress modestly. In fact it’s preferable you do not travel to Dubai with revealing or transparent cloths as these are considered indecent. Women are expected not to walk around anywhere in Dubai with short cloths and the men are expected not to walk around without shirt. Some foreigners have gotten themselves arrested due to violations of this mode of dressing. You should always strive to respect the Muslim culture in Dubai.

TAKING PICTURES: One would easily think there are no rules on taking pictures in a beautiful city like Dubai. But sorry to burst your bubble, most Arab and Asian countries have rules regarding taking pictures and Dubai isn’t left out. Taking pictures in Dubai comes with permission. You must seek permission before taking pictures with anyone and you mustn’t take pictures of government owned properties such as airports, government buildings, military installations etc

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