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Ticket Collector jobs Available – Apply Now

Ticket collectors jobs are available for persons in charge of collecting and organizing transport tickets from commuters. This job might seem tedious and challenging as it requires a well-disciplined individual with good communication and customer relationship skills to handle properly. Ticket collector is a public job as you will be interacting with hundreds of people daily and you need to exhibit a good relationship with them.

Responsibilities of a ticket collector

The responsibility of a ticket collector includes and is not limited to:

  • Must be able to perform other duties assigned to him
  • Must collect and check tickets during duty
  • Must occasionally attend to phone calls and take messages
  • Must be willing to count, balance and record all cash received from the customers
  • Will be in charge of issuing vehicle ticket to permit holders
  • Must be willing to fill in the right information in the appropriate registers or data base
  • His primary function is to collect ticket fares from the commuters


The skills needed for qualification as a ticket collector includes:

  • Must possess the ability to handle cash under pressure which also involves making calculation and change rapidly and accurately.
  • Must be eligible for bonding
  • Must be always available during work shift hours
  • Must possess an excellent ability to deal with the public properly
  • Must be healthy and capable to perform the required task as a ticket collector.

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