Skills And Responsibilities Needed For Security Guard Jobs in Canada

Security Guard jobs are available to those interested in securing life and properties of individuals. A security guard is one who has skills in security training and is able to secure, manage life and properties of individuals and companies.

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Responsibilities of a security Guard

The job of a security guard includes and is not limited to:

  • Providing support and security to the life’s and properties of the individual or company
  • Might be involved in washing of the cars and buses used by the company or individual
  • Might be assigned to look after the gate and also opening and shutting the gate for the individual and company

Skills and qualification needed for a security guard

Some of the skills and qualifications needed for security guard jobs include:

  • Must be have a good customer relationship
  • Must be able to identify potential threat
  • Must be able to tackle threat
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must be willing to risk his life for the employee
  • Must possess a minimum of secondary school certificate or its equivalent
  • Must understand Basic English
  • Must be able to handle self-defense and protective weapons
  • Must be able to read and right
  • Must have undergone man o war training

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