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Security Officer Jobs Available – Apply Now

Requirements needed for a security officer job

Security officer jobs are available worldwide for interested persons ready to work on a daily shift to shift basis and involved in securing life and properties of individuals and companies. Most companies are interested in acquiring a chief security officer in charge of looking after the activities of other security guards.

  • Interested persons must have undergone either a military or paramilitary training
  • Must be able to understand Basic English language
  • Must possess a minimum of secondary school certificate or the equivalent
  • Must be a computer literate
  • Must be able to multi task at all time
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must have a leadership spirit and be self-motivated
  • Must be willing to risk its life for the employee
  • Must be able to identify potential threat
  • Must be able to tackle issues in the best manner

To apply for a Security officer jobs through simply follow our rules:


  • Search for your required job using any keyword on the search bar
  • Locate your desired jobs and check if its available
  • Ones its available check out the mode of application
  • For those requiring you to send you cv to an email, you are only expected to send a copy of your CV to the company and you will be contacted if found worthy
  • For those requiring you to apply through a link, please understand that you are expected to click on the link and follow all necessary information giving there.

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