Sales Coordinator Job

Sales Coordinator Job Description

Sales Coordinator Job- A sales coordinator is a person interested in coordinating all the sales related activities in a company by doing this, he/she is helping the company reach its sales target. The sales coordinator stands as a back bone for the sales team. Sales coordinators are not responsible for selling but tries to ensure good customer relationships by acting as a support to the sales team. The sales coordinator is equipped with good communication skills, coordination, administrative skills.

Duties in sales coordinator job

The sales coordinator is expected to carry out the following duties in an organization which includes:

  • Must remain updated with the latest product or services information and types
  • Must work towards improving the companies processes and systems
  • Must be willing to follow up with the customer for order purchase and confirmation
  • Will be in charge of preparing the required invoice to be sent to a customer
  • Will be willing to input orders properly in the system for the sales team.
  • Must be willing to follow up with the operations team on the status of a job
  • Must be always ready to follow up with the customer’s payment
  • Must be ready to act as a point of contact for urgent calls emails and messages when the sales executive is not on seat.
  • Can as well respond to sales enquiries received on the portal.
  • Ready to provide the customers description and requirement to the graphic design department.

Required skills needed for the role of a sales coordinator in a company.

  • Good knowledge of the basic mathematical calculations
  • Good computer skills and knowledge in Microsoft office tools.
  • Proficiency in English
  • Must be able to work under pressure and multi task as well.
  • Must be ready to be a team player in solving problems
  • Must have self confidence and trust.

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