Skills Needed For Sales and Marketing Jobs in Canada

Sales and marketing jobs are only available to those interested in building a source of income from the marketing of company products. They are also in charge of designing and advertising the products to the customers. They also seek to understand the trending product and desire of the consumers. This will enable the company recreate a better product or service that will suite the consumers.

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Responsibilities of a sales and marketing officer

The sales and marketing officer Is in charge of:

  • Organizing meetings with the valuable customers and sales consultants
  • Researching for the latest trends in the market
  • Broadcasting marketing emails to the customers
  • Educating and training the sales team on sales techniques and giving advice
  • Meeting with the sales team to discuss approaches needed to improve the business
  • Must be willing to oversee all the marketing and sales activities
  • Complete and time to time management of the sales team to ensure their activities are on track and current with the market specification

Requirements needed for the job of a sale and marketing officer

  • Must have good knowledge of basic mathematics and English
  • Must have a degree in marketing or its equivalent
  • Must have certificates in digital marketing or its equivalent
  • Must have good knowledge of the use of Microsoft office tools such as ms excel, power point, ms office etc.
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must have a relevant industrial experience
  • Must be highly motivated with a high drive to succeed
  • Must be ready to do all it takes to improve the business and company
  • Must have a good communication skill
  • Must have good customer relationship
  • Must be able to identify key weakness in a business and means to improve
  • Must be able to identify potentials in the market.

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