Requirements Needed For Plumber Apprentice Jobs in Canada

Plumber Apprentice jobs are jobs provided to persons with the duty to supply, connect or repair water pipes, toilet pipes, bath tops, tanks, taps etc. A plumber is allowed to work either full time or part time in companies, houses, estates or government offices. He can simply work anywhere having pipes and water flow.

Plumbing jobs are learnt in schools and workshops and jobs can be secured by simply applying to companies in search of plumbers near you.

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Companies in Dubai are urgently hiring plumbers to fill up vacant spaces in big companies in Dubai this companies pay plumbers salaries ranging from 1200 AED to 1600 AED monthly with additional allowances. 

Requirements expected from a plumber working in Dubai includes:

  • Must have a minimum of 1 year experience in piping and other plumbing works
  • Must possess a minimum of secondary school certificate
  • Must undergo additional training at the company to ensure proper understanding and professionalism as no mistakes will be tolerated when engaged in service
  • Accommodation, housing, transportation and daily feeding will be provided by the company
  • Plumber jobs are available here you can search the link below for plumber jobs available near you

To apply for a job through simply follow our rules:

  • Visit
  • Search for your required job using any keyword on the search bar
  • Locate your desired jobs and check if its available
  • Ones its available check out the mode of application

For those requiring you to send you cv to an email, you are only expected to send a copy of your CV to the company and you will be contacted if found worthy

For those requiring you to apply through a link, please understand that you are expected to click on the link and follow all necessary information giving there.

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