On-Site Event Coordinator Needed in Canada – Apply Now

On-site event coordinator is one who is in charge of organizing events such as parties, dinner, ceremonies, launching, or project commissioning

Job overview

Companies in Dubai are seriously in need of on-site event coordinators to help them organize events. Event coordinators are also part of the team of interested, hardworking and dedicated people that are committed to working with one another to ensure a successful event planning.

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We are interested in working with a hardworking and dedicated on-site event coordinator to work part-time at our London events. This unique opportunity needs an NDA and is good for anyone interested in a part time job. Selected candidates will be involved in series of travelling and should be prepared for that.

Responsibilities of an on-site event coordinator

The responsibility of an on-site business coordinator includes and not limited to:

  • See to the management and organization of events on-site
  • Should provide necessary media support to the event
  • Must act as a brand ambassador of the company to their guest
  • Must oversee event logistics such as equipment transportation and set up
  • Must ensure everything is up to standard before the day of the event
  • Must ensure all the necessary and important policies and guidelines are followed properly
  • Must see to the meeting venue emergency tackling protocol
  • Must be ready to create report on the situation of the event and submit it to the company
  • Lastly must ensure a good customer service to to the customers and event participants

Skills and requirement needed for the job of On-site Event Coordinator

The on-site event planner must possess the following skills needed to ensure perfect running of the job

  1. Must have a minimum of 1year experience in event planning
  2. Must possess a degree in event planning or its equivalent
  3. Must be able to stay calm and work under pressure
  4. Must possess good customer relationship
  5. Must have good knowledge of the use of Microsoft office tools
  6. Must have the ability to pay attention to details
  7. Must have the ability to multi-task under pressure.

Expected Payment for an event planner:

Event planners are paid a minimum of 15 euro per hour in European countries

Those interested in this job should apply for available on-site event planner jobs by searching using the search button

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