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Job ID: 12087

Job Category: Health Services

Division & Section: Seniors Services & Long Term Care, LTC Regional Services

Work Location: Carefree Lodge, 306 Finch Ave E, Seven Oaks, 9 Neilson Rd, Bendale Acres, 2920 Lawrence Ave E

Job Type & Duration: Full-time, 3 Permanent

Salary: $88, 979.80 – $104,624.00, PSG: TM0372 Wage Grade: 6.5

Shift Information: Monday to Sunday, 35 hours per week

Affiliation: Non-Union

Number of Positions Open: 3

Posting Period: 23-FEB-2020 to 09-MAR-2020


Reporting to the Director of Nursing or Director of Care, the successful candidate will provide nursing leadership and direction to ensure effective and efficient delivery of high quality resident care. The Nurse Manager will also work collaboratively with the inter-professional care team to promote: evidence-based practice, continuous quality improvement and innovation; healthy safe work environment, resident and staff satisfaction, and compliance with all legislative requirements.


Overall Job Responsibilities:

  • Implements detailed plans and recommends policies/procedures regarding program specific requirements.
  • Leads, develops and motivates a cohesive team to ensure high standards of work quality, continuous learning and innovation in others.
  • Supervises the day to day operation of all assigned staff including the scheduling, assigning and reviewing of work.
  • Addresses any personnel challenges or issues to promote a productive, positive and supportive work environment.
  • Authorizes and coordinates vacation and overtime requests.
  • Monitors and evaluates staff performance, approves salary increments, hears grievances and recommends disciplinary action when necessary.
  • Provides input into and administers assigned budget, ensuring that expenditures are controlled and maintained within approved budget limitations.
  • Promotes positive inter-professional team relationships in a manner that ensures effective resident care programs according to best practice models through effective communication with disciplines, role modelling same, and philosophy and action evidencing the importance of all disciplines in the home to promote high quality resident care.
  • Provides support to and serves as resource to family members via teaching, coaching, linking with other resources, investigation and follow up regarding identified issues.
  • Serves as a member of the Home’s various operating and management committees, and participates on external committees as assigned by the Director of Care / Director Nursing.
  • Contributes to divisional policies and procedures development and update.
  • Reviews resident and staff data on a regular basis to measure the effectiveness of resident care.
  • Ensures all reports and statements required from the unit are prepared on a timely and efficient basis (e.g. Risk Indicator analysis, resident incident reports) and that unit files and records are properly maintained through direct observation, auditing, and analysis and follow-up with staff.
  • Takes action to ensure resident safety; reports and conducts investigation of unsafe practice, resident abuse or professional misconduct; documents incidents in accordance with legislation and regulations, divisional policy, and the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Collaborates with Director of Care / Director Nursing for problem solving of serious critical incident (CI) and complaints.
  • Acts as designated manager within the Home, on a rotational basis, for weekends and/or other periods of time.
  • Works evenings, nights and weekends as scheduled or requested by the Director of Care / Director Nursing for assessment, monitoring and evaluation of clinical practices.


Clinical-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Provides clinical leadership to ensure clinical competency of nursing staff, engages staff in the use of evidence-based best practices, and promotes a culture of continuous practice improvement.
  • Develops and evaluates care delivery processes to continually improve nursing practice through direct observation and process audits.
  • Oversees the infection prevention and control practices including monitoring and trending infections, outbreaks, and staff practices related to infection control in the Home, in order to reduce resident/staff illness and shorten span of illness as much as possible and to reduce cost and hardship to customers.
  • Provides leadership and direction to both Resident Assessment Instrument- Minimum Data Set (RAI-MDS) and interprofessional rehabilitation program in the home.
  • Represents the Home in consultation with external community specialists with respect to Infection Control, Skin and Wound Care Coordination, RAI-MDS and other specialized systems.
  • Provides support and serves as a resource to the registered staff for clinical practice issues through role modelling, coaching, mentoring, answering questions, providing direction, suggesting areas to research and modalities to do same.
  • Co-ordinates the established system of resident re-assessment and classification to ensure that documentation is current, accurate and reflective of the resident plan and nursing care provided through hands on assignments, role modelling, teaching, mentoring, coaching, auditing and report generating.
  • Ensures medications are safely and securely stored and properly distributed and administered to individual resident through direct observations; uses investigation and follow up of all medication incidents, communication and analysis of difficulties, whether problem(s) be individual practice based or systemic in order to initiate problem solving for needed solutions.
  • Develops and leads the interprofessional care team to provide quality resident and family-centered care that reflects the division’s mission, values and philosophy of care and services.
  • Serves as a resource to nurses and the interprofessional care team in the process of decision-making, developing clinical guidelines and protocols, promoting the use of evidence, and facilitating system change.
  • Evaluates staff learning to maximize their potential as learners and to enhance their care capabilities by teaching and coaching team members in critical thinking and the management of complex clinical scenarios.
  • Leads the implementation and evaluation of clinical inspection protocols, audits, implementation and evaluation of voluntary clinical plans of action and orders.
  • Leads implementation and evaluation of annual quality initiatives, and facilitates annual clinical programs evaluation and improvement plan in collaboration with the interprofessional care team.
  • Leads and collaborates with the Nurse Practitioner (if available) the development and implementation of ongoing nursing education and in-service.
  • Contributes to critical incident and complaint investigations related to nursing practices and conducts clinical audits of documentation, plans of care and the effectiveness of nursing care and services to ensure compliance with documentation standards, internal policies and procedures, and legislation.
  • Chairs nursing practice forum and clinical care discussions.
  • Reviews trends of clinical critical incidents, clinical quality improvement activities and takes the lead in changing clinical practices based on the identified trends and analysis.
  • Collaborates with the interprofessional care team to identify clinical practice gaps/trends and to advance care excellence through meaningful program integration, standardization and system improvements/
  • Supports frontline staff in caring for complex care residents which cannot be handled in a routine manner by facilitating the development of a comprehensive care plan, participating in care planning rounds, post critical incident debriefing and/or care conference.
  • Participates in researching, integrating, and promoting evidence-based clinical care models to achieve organizational goals and objectives.
  • Co-ordinates the established system of resident re-assessment and classification to ensure that the documentation is current, accurate and reflects the resident plan and nursing care provided.


Operations-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Develops and implements the 6-week staffing schedules by the nursing support clerks to ensure accurate and timely completion of the schedule.
  • Reviews consistent care assignments to ensure continuity of care and appropriate allocation of nursing resources according to resident acuity and staff skills and in accordance with approved staffing levels and the Collective Agreement.
  • Regularly reviews work routines to promote efficiency and effectiveness in nursing care and services.
  • Conducts critical incident and complaint investigations and follow up.
  • Addresses residents/family concerns/complaints and follow up to resolve issue(s).
  • Ensures mandatory education, monthly audits and annual program evaluation are completed according to schedule.
  • Leads the implementation and evaluation of abuse and critical incident inspection protocols, audits, implementation and evaluation of voluntary plans of action and orders.
  • Reviews trends and conducts unit analysis of complaints, abuse and critical incidents; communicates results; collaborates and develops improvement plan.
  • Chairs monthly unit meeting to share information, addresses unit operational and clinical issues, discusses opportunities for quality improvement, communicates safety and security procedures and discusses new policies and procedures.
  • Monitors the quality of care and services delivered to residents through effective quality improvement activities.
  • Oversees and monitors referrals to other health care facilities and services, e.g. Specialty Medical and Dental Services, Active Treatment Hospital, Home Care Program.
  • Takes action to ensure resident safety; reports and conducts investigation of unsafe practice, resident abuse or professional misconduct; documents incident in accordance with policy.
  • Ensures the development of unit supply quotas and ensures that the unit is properly supplied with all required material and equipment and provides advice and assistance to the Director of Care/Nursing regarding planning and control to meet such needs.
  • Collaborates with Director of Care / Director Nursing to approve salary increments as warranted, authorizes and effectively controls the overtime work and casual time-off of such staff.
  • Assesses and monitors unit expenditures on a predetermined basis and completes the appropriate variance reports.
  • Designs and co-ordinates modified work assignments and prepares evaluations on a weekly basis.
  • Strengthens and supports safety culture and internal responsibility system (IRS) facilitating the integration of safety strategies into all planning, training, implementation and evaluation.
  • Identifies work performance problems and initiates appropriate corrective action including training/re-training, counselling and disciplinary action and referral to counselling services.


Key Qualifications:

Your application must describe your qualifications as they relate to:

  1. Baccalaureate in Nursing and certification in Nursing Administration or equivalent management experience as per Ontario Regulation 79/10 made under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007.
  2. Considerable experience in motivating, leading, supervising or managing registered and unregulated staff in a Long-Term Care unionized environment.
  3. Considerable experience in geriatric and/or rehabilitation nursing.
  4. Considerable experience working with residents with dementia and mental health issues.
  5. Must be eligible for registration as a Registered Nurse in the Province of Ontario.
  6. Knowledge of the legislation in Long-Term Care, as well as any other pertinent legislation that influences the operations of a Long-Term Care home, such as; Long-Term Care Homes Act (O.Reg.79/10), Residents Bill of Rights, Employment Standards Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, etc.
  7. Knowledge of Resident Assessment Instrument – Minimum Data Set (RAI-MDS) 2.0.
  8. Ability to achieve positive clinical outcomes through quality improvement and change management.
  9. Ability to deal effectively and courteously and build and maintain effective relationships and partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders including residents, families, community groups, elected officials and senior managers, as well as work effectively within interprofessional teams.
  10. Ability to manage competing priorities and demands in a rapidly changing environment.
  11. Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing at a (senior) management level with excellent presentation skills.
  12. Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information with discretion and tact.
  13. Ability to promote and foster effective teamwork and establish excellence in a customer service-oriented environment.
  14. Ability to effectively manage and lead change within a complex organization from inception to implementation.
  15. Proficient in the use of various computer applications including Microsoft Office Suite.
  16. Good interpersonal, problem solving and conflict management skills.
  17. Ability to support the Toronto Public Service values to ensure a culture that champions equity, diversity and respectful workplaces.
  18. Master’s Degree Preferred
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