Jobs in Dubai | Six Available Jobs Waiting For You in Dubai

We have lots of jobs in Dubai waiting for potential applicants. This jobs are simple and easy jobs that mostly do not require higher education or a university degree to apply for. You can simply use your lower level certificate or skill certificate in a particular field to get this jobs easily. The main essence of putting up this post is to expose us to most easy and available jobs you can find in Dubai.

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Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a city and also an emirate in United Emirate (UAE) known for massive luxurious and expensive lifestyle and shopping, with expensive and ultra-modern architectural buildings. Tall structures like burj khalifa which is about 830m in height and dominates the list of sky scrapers in Dubai and in the world.

Dubai population

Dubai has a population of about 3 million active persons as at October 2018 and in caring for this massive population demands a lot of work force, making it possible for there to be high amount of available jobs waiting for anyone. Working in Dubai is quite easy if you are not interested in high paying jobs such as oil company jobs and banks jobs. These jobs are mostly available to only those with university and master’s degree in related field. Other jobs in Dubai with few requirements are easy to get and have lots of benefits. We will be looking at some of the importance of working In Dubai and why you should work in Dubai for those interested.

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Why you should work in Dubai?

There are so many reasons why one can decide to work in Dubai. One of which is comfortability of the environment and other reasons include:

  • High Availability of menial jobs in Dubai:  In Dubai due to the high amount of hotels, shops, offices, restaurants, boutiques and high amount of immigration and people coming into Dubai from other countries for vacation, menial jobs such as house cleaner jobs, security jobs, driver jobs, bar server jobs and hotel attendant job positions are high and in demand of interested persons. This jobs are high paying and also come with allowance and few working hours. Most times you will be placed on shift and only allowed to work for 4-6 hours daily.
  • Availability of high Paying Menial Jobs: menial jobs such as hotel cleaners, company drivers and bar attendants are high paying. Some of which pay up to 1500 Dirham monthly with other allowances and free feeding during work time. This jobs are cool for students and other people interested in working part time.
  • Most menial jobs don’t require higher education: Menial jobs in Dubai mostly do not require higher education. Most of which require lower level certificates and also good communication and Basic English and understanding skills. Sometimes, you will be trained on the kind of role you will play in your job position.
  • Daily Allowance and transportation:  Menial jobs in Dubai comes with good daily allowance and transportation allowance. Making it possible to live a good life and take good care of yourself while working in Dubai.
  • Few Working Hours:  Most jobs in Dubai require 4-6 active working hours. These companies place the workers on shift, either morning or night shift giving them free time to relax and carry out other personal activities such as schooling etc.
  • Availability of Jobs for Immigrants: Dubai as a beautiful business country offer job spaces for immigrants coming from other countries. Some stores and big hotels in Dubai are owned by foreigners also and most of them prefer employing people from other countries to work for them.

Working in Dubai is very good and interesting and we have list of available jobs in Dubai and their possible requirements.

List of Available Jobs Waiting For You in Dubai

Maybe you are planning to travel and live in Dubai, it’s good to have handy the list of available menial jobs you can do ones you arrive Dubai. Some of these jobs include:

House cleaner jobs: House cleaner jobs are readily available in Dubai. This jobs requires interested person to properly take good care of a home, office or hotel. He/she is in charge of cleaning, washing and organizing the environment and laundries.


Requirements for house cleaner job include:

  • Must understand Basic English
  • Must have good customer relationship
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must be able to clean and organize the environment properly
  • Must be able to multi task

Company driver jobs: Company driver jobs in dubai requires interested individuals to drive the company bus when needed. He/she is also involved in taking good car of the company bus at all time:

Requirements for company driver job includes:

  • Must have good Basic English skills
  • Must be able to drive and possess a driver’s license
  • Must have good customer relationship skills
  • Must be able to communicate properly

Nanny Jobs: Nanny Jobs are mostly common in Dubai. Nanny Jobs are available to those interested in taking good care of little children for a family. This nanny act as support for the family when they are not around

Requirements for nanny jobs in Dubai:

  • Must be above 18 years of age
  • Must be able to drive and have a drivers license
  • Must be ready to show up at odd hours
  • Must be willing to take good care of kids like their parents
  • Must be willing to provide good attention to the kids at all times

Bar attendant jobs: Bar attendant jobs are available to individuals interested in serving or distribution of food, drinks or other necessary items to customers in a company or hotel bar.

Few requirements for bar attendant jobs include:

  • Must possess good communication skills
  • Must be able to multi task
  • Must possess good customer relationship
  • Must have good customer relationship

Security Jobs: Security officer jobs are available in Dubai for interested persons ready to work on a daily shift of about 4-6 hours per shift and it involves securing life and properties of individuals and companies. Most companies are interested in acquiring a chief security officer in charge of looking after the activities of other security guards.

Few requirements needed for security jobs include:

  • Must be a computer literate
  • Must have undergone military training
  • Must understand Basic English
  • Must be able to multi task

Hotel Attendant jobs: Hotel attendant jobs in Dubai require interested and qualified persons to attend to customers interested in booking and spending time at the hotel. This job requires a high skilled professional in customer relationship because you will be meeting with different people daily.

Requirements for hotel attendant jobs include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of Basic English
  • Good customer relationship skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Readiness and willingness to attend to the need of customers at all times.


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