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10 Best Free Scholarships in Canada for Foreign Students

Merit Scholarships 

The Merit scholarships are awarded to only those students with excellent performance in their field of academics, athletics, or artistic merit. Most top sports players in high school or experts in the field of entrepreneurial studies or community can get this scholarship.

Country-Based Scholarships 

These scholarships are only available to students from developing countries, but it is expected that such student must possess the right educational grades needed to attain such scholarship.

Government-Funded Scholarships 

The Government of Canada organizes a benefitting number of scholarship programs for international students, some of which you can find below.

Privately Funded Scholarships 

There are private business and donors willing to fund scholarships for some international students. These scholarships, are mostly targeted to students from developing countries or from minority groups or in a particular field of study. Such scholarships are aimed at ensuring reasonable development and also improving the life of the people within that field or country.

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