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10 Best Free Scholarships in Canada for Foreign Students

Scholarships in Canada – Canada is one of the best countries for international students seeking destinations for educational purpose. It has a high academic standard and one of the best quality education that attracts thousands of foreign students every year to its country for a god reason.

One of the limiting factor for most foreign students is the cost of studying in Canada which has really prevented most students from actualizing their Canada study dream. In order to help students resolve this issue, we have decided to come out with a good list of free scholarships for oversea students. Some of this scholarships allow international students to get financial help from the universities and also from the government.

University Scholarships in Canada 

Many institutions and universities present in Canada provide students with some type of financial assistance, which is also available to international students, so while thinking about how to raise funds, the institution of your choice should be the first area to look at.

Financial Scholarships 

Financial scholarships are majorly based on the monetary needs of the interested students. Most of which are only available to US residents, but some not all universities will provide foreign students with need-based scholarships.

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