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Database Administrator jobs available – Apply Now

Database Administrator jobs available – The role of a database administrator involves supporting the data center systems manager to ensure that the systems are properly managed and made to operate in a suitable manner needed to achieve the clients request through the necessary provision business intelligence from data centre systems reporting on the SLA parameters.  The database manager also ensures that all centre based systems are fully operational and providing the accurate data.

Functions/duties of a database Administrator

Database Centre management

  1. Will be conducting working methods necessary to ensure that all SLA and MSA are acquired.
  2. Must be able to manage data centre infrastructure properly


  1. Must be able to maintain proper compliance of systems in accordance to all policies and instructions
  2. Must be able to meet with the agreed company departmental operational level agreement
  3. Must be able to implement the company policies and work protocols and processes

Data centre ethics

  1. Must be able to ensure full compliance is achieved In implementing the company best practices
  2. Must be able to sure that the proper facility standards are maintained.
  3. Must be able to ensure proper cleaning standards are ensured and maintained.

Necessary Skills needed from interested persons:

  • Must possess the right Microsoft skills needed to execute the job properly.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to make the right decision to achieve the desired aim.
  • Must possess proper knowledge of SQL database management
  • Must also possess proper knowledge on advance programming language such as java
  • Must possess proper communication skills and must be able to relay information to others in the right and understandable way.
  • Must be able to provide quick response to critical issues
  • Must be able to troubleshoot systems and it components to identify possible root causes of it failures.
  • Must be able to work independently and as well being a positive team player.
  • Must possess elevated and trusted levels of tolerance and patience which are highly needed from a professional.
  • Must be involved in continuous self-learning and development.

Qualifications needed to be accepted as a database Administrator in countries like South Africa:

  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years’ experience in data Centre management.
  • Must possess a PME design and operate fully and certified by Schneider electric company.
  • Must possess advance knowledge in network topology and protocols.


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