Housekeeper Job Available in Canada

House keeper Job Description

Who is a house keeper ? 
Please under that a housekeeper is simply an individual who is  responsible for the supervision and care of a house/home and also the house’s cleaning staffs. His/her duty is to ensure that the house/home is well kept clean and comfortable for the occupants. 

House keeper jobs
House keeper jobs

Further responsibilities of a house keeper includes:

  • proper cleaning of residents apartments such as bathroom , windows, kitchen etc
  • He/she performs house keeping duties such as 
  1. replacing and hanging of baby diapers
  2. changing of beds and bed sheets
  3. dusting the house hold furniture and equipment
  4. polishing of metal work and washing of woodwork, windows, door panels and sills
  • Housekeepers performs laundry duties which includes:
  1. washing. dying and organizing the house hold and community linens and textiles 
  2. distribution of laundry articles and linens
  3. proper changing of beds and beds spread when necessary

House keepers take care of their environments by:

  • maintaining the residents which includes mopping floors and washing walls
  • keeping utility and storage areas/rooms in clean and orderly condition 
  • ensures that the trash are properly disposed 
  • reports potential unsafe and hazardous conditions to the appropriate authority 
  • Not limited to performing other duties as assigned. 

Qualifications For Housekeeper Jobs in Canada

For a housekeeper to be successful in his/her job, he must possess these qualities which includes:

  • First he must possess the basic knowledge of what housekeeping and housekeeping jobs is all about.
  • Must have completed all the necessary training program associated with housekeeping 
  • Must be able to work at various schedules, shift and conditions when necessary.
  • Must proffer a good reading efficiency and must be able to recognize properly similarities and differences between words and between series of numbers. 
  • Must be able to analyse simple and basic arithmetic’s such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication this will be useful during conservation of household resources. 
  • Must be able to initiate a common sense of understanding towards simple instructions
  • must be able  report non conducive situations properly to the necessary authority 
  • lastly must be honest and diligent towards disposing the housekeeping jobs

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