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How to Reapply for a Canadian Tourist Visa After Being Rejected

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How to Reapply for a Canadian Tourist Visa After Being Rejected

Canadian tourist visas can be very difficult to get. If you apply for one, you could find that your application has been rejected. If this happens, what can you do?

Reapplying after any Canadian visa denial is always an option. Don’t forget this option, even though being denied a Canadian visa can be very frustrating and upsetting. In addition to reapplying, but you could also appeal. Deciding which route to take depends on your personal situation. 

Should I Reapply or Appeal for a Denied Tourist Visa?

The first step to determining if you should reapply or appeal a denied tourist visa is to understand why your Canadian visa application was denied. This is because if you simply reapply after a refusal with the exact same information you will be refused again. You will need to determine if you were refused because you were inadmissible in Canada, the immigration officer was not satisfied you would leave at the specified time, you made a mistake on your application/ forgot to include relevant information or there was an error on the part of the immigration office. 

For example, do you feel that the visa officer who processed your case made an error in denying your application, and there wasn’t a mistake in the application on your part? If this is the case, you should appeal your Canadian tourist visa denial to the Federal Court of Canada. Note that this is a very difficult process and you will benefit greatly by having a licensed immigration lawyer on your side when you need effective arguments on your behalf in court.

However, If you have made a mistake with your original application, you could reapply with the proper information on the application. For example, you may have made a mistake on your initial application or forgotten to include a piece of the important documentation necessary for the application to be accepted (e.g. proof of ties to your home country and proof that you can support yourself while in Canada). You will have to explain on your application why you all of a sudden have new information that can get you accepted.

Why Can I Not Just Reapply Immediately?

If you reapply for a tourist visa on your own, you may be denied the same as you were before. Make sure you fully understand the specifics of your case before reapplying.

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