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Canadian Government Promise to Waive Citizenship Fees


Canadian Government Promise to Waive Citizenship Fees

Unlike the US, where immigration fees are increasing, Canada is working on getting rid of Citizenship Fees entirely due to the financial crisis because of COVID-19.

Numerous applicants seeking Canadian Citizenship have announced that covering this fee is very challenging at this time especially when spouses and/or dependents are involved.

At this time, the processing fee is $530, which was increased from $100 by the previous Conservative government, plus a $100 “right of citizenship” fee.

Foreign nationals are ready for the government to stick with their word and get rid of these outrageous fees!

Promise to Waive Citizenship Fees

In the Fall 2019 election, the liberal campaign stated,

“Becoming a citizen allows new immigrants to fully participate in Canadian society, and the process of granting citizenship is a government service, not something that should be paid for with a user fee. To make citizenship more affordable, we will make the application process free for those who have fulfilled the requirements needed to obtain it,”

Spokesperson Kevin Lemkay says the government remains committed to this promise but was not able to put a time frame as foreign nationals are getting antsy.

Experienced immigration professionals have noted that it is in Canada’s “best interest to naturalize newcomers as fast and efficiently as possible” and proposed that the government AT LEAST reduce fees for bigger families which is when fees increase a lot and affect families with small budgets.

Immigration professionals and foreign nationals are still currently pushing the government to take action and waive these Citizenship fees.

Interested in Immigrating to Canada?

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